Access to Behavioral Health Providers

InSight Employs Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists, APNs, Substance Use Specialists and more
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Shorten ED Wait Times

Reduce hospital admissions and improve ED throughput with crisis telepsychiatry
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Introducing Inpathy

Connect to Care Without Expensive Televideo Equipment
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Behavioral Health Integration

Access to Behavioral Health Specialists and Prescribers
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The ROI on Telepsychiatry

Save resources with timely access to behavioral health providers. Find out the value of telepsychiatry
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Telebehavioral Health Advocates

The InSight team works to promote the appropriate use of telepsychiatry throughout the country
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Leading National
Telepsychiatry Service Provider Company

Increasing Access to CareĀ 

The InSight team has been practicing telepsychiatry and advocating for the proper use of telemedicine in behavioral healthcare since 1999. InSight brings evaluation and care to underserved consumers who may otherwise go without.

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